Thursday, September 10, 2009

Attempting to get back on the horse.

I went running today. A first since I've been here. The first cardio I've gotten for two weeks. And thank God, I was going out of my mind. The problem with exercise here is that 1) no one does it. Ce n'est pas vraiment francais..., and 2) when they do, they run within the confines of a park. This isn't a total surprise, since it's rare (and weird) to see people running down the streets of New York, too, but it becomes a problem for a person like me who doesn't live very near to a park, and lives up on a hill, to boot.

I tried to run once before, last week, but not only found the stadium I was told "tout le monde" runs in closed, but also had some knee pain, so I gave up and walked home. Today, I finally found the motivation to get up and try the nearest park to me, Parc des Buttes Chaumont. It's about a mile and over a hill, and because I've had a couple of Velib' mishaps trying to go places when I wasn't entirely sure of the route, I walked. I was a little nervous because the park's name describes it's terrain: Chaumont Heights/Hills. However, I didn't find it incredibly difficult. Perhaps simply because I was so happy to be getting my HR over 120 for the first time in ages (in my defense, I probably walk at least 3 miles a day, plus up and down metro stairs several times a day).

Because I didn't know where I was going, or how the neighborhood would change on the way there, I decided to leave the iPod at home and be a little more alert. Unfortunately, that also meant that I have no idea how far I went or even how long I ran. I'm guessing somewhere between 3 and 5 k, like 20-25 minutes, which was decent for my first try in weeks, with hills included.

I'm off to Reims tomorrow, so no exercising again (but plenty of champagne caves). Perhaps Sunday I'll try again.

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