Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Don't let me forget to write about these at some point.

I haven't forgotten. Just been busy. During orientation week, we had three different excursions, called "parcours" with a French professor. I was in the "vie politique" group, which went to the Pantheon, Cemetaire Pere Lachaise (saw all of the hommages to those that died in concentration camps, a different one for every camp, in the WWII section), Hotel de Ville (office of the Mayor of Paris), and the museum of the history of immigration, which most people didn't like but I found fascinating.

Below are two photos of the great hall at Hotel de Ville (which is normally closed to the public, as a working public building), the Pantheon, and a photo that I took of my street, which is very normal, residential, and Parisian.

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