Monday, November 23, 2009


I was reading this article that my sister published this morning when I got a really vivid image of childhood rushing back to me. I have a feeling that this could be the start of a lifelong thing, reading Nancy's articles, but I digress.

There is a line about never having a Spice Girls faze, and then it goes on to divulge that her first CD was the soundtrack from Dexter's Laboratory. I remember that. I remember that mostly because we went to get our first CD's together. My mother took us, we went to the mall. I picked out Spice World, and Shaunacy, Dexter. This was shortly after I came to the conclusion that a taste in music isn't something that just comes to you in order to make you cool/when you become cool/when you become a teenager. It's something that you have to work on and develop. It was a mind-blowing conclusion to come to as an 8-year-old. It would take work to be cool. I started that work with the Spice Girls.

I remember unwrapping my CD as soon as we get in the car. We were driving around the back of the mall, back by the trees and the garbage cans. Of course "the mall" at this point predates the construction of 2nd floor and gigantic parking apparatus. Back when it was called Ventura Mall, rather than "Pacific View." It also predates the period when I actually lived in Ventuckalicious. My knowledge of the town was fairly limited: there was that "other" skating rink where I started skating, the mall, St. Bonnie's where my cousin went for a while, and Pierpont Racquet Club/smelly beach. Oh, and the rope swing at Harbor Beach. Never forget the rope swing. I didn't know how these places were linked, though. I just got in the car, put my head in a book, and a chapter or two later we were there.

Anyway, we were driving through the back parking lot, and I remember my mom asking me (in a mom-like way, and before I knew that she knew the word fuck), why in the world I was opening it. This may have predated the Volvo and its CD player. I replied that I just wanted to look at it. And promised not to leave the trash in her car. I may have lived up to that promise. This was about time that I stop thinking of the pouches behind front car seats as personal trash cans. But no promises. I can't remember if Shaunacy followed my lead in unwrapping hers. The crinkling of the wrapper is always contagious. But it's possible that she followed instructions. She always had more patience than me.

After many painful minutes of trying not to leave residue on the case while trying to get off that annoying sticker off the top of the CD, I finally succeeded in taking my first CD into my grubby little paws. Of course, my hands have rarely ever been grubby, and I had seen my parents hold CD's enough to know how to do the two finger thing, with the pointer through the center piece and the thumb on the outside. And that's it. That was my first CD. Spice World by the Spice Girls.

Shortly afterward, I was hanging out with my grandma, and in some stroke of insanity she decided that we should rent a video. One of the two or three times in my twenty years with her that I saw her VCR in use. No idea how the two of us got the stupid thing to work. But I, of course, rented Spice World the movie. There are only two things that I remember of that movie. The first is wondering, an hour through, when the previews were going to be over and the movie with the real plot was going to start. The second was when the bus jumped the bridge. That was pretty cool. But that was pretty much the end of my Spice Girls faze. I had discovered 'NSYNC. And a cute little girl named Britney.


Casey said...

Great blog Shane :) Especially since this is the period that we never ever EVER saw each other.. kind of a window into your life

mom said...

what a lovely story!