Friday, February 12, 2010

Proving that when I used to tell people that the blog was cool to write for I wasn't lying through my teeth

Weekend Romp is back! For several different reasons, I don't write my weekend column for the Spec anymore. I do still occasionally write terrible long-form journalism for them. But I am trying to cut down on that, too. Despite my attempts to cut myself off from Spectator, after less than a month back in the city I realized that I can't live without Weekend Romp. It gives me an excuse to do crazy things on the weekends and go to random corners of the city that I otherwise can't really justify going to when I've got 3 papers to write and a test on Monday (hypothetically). It also keeps me from becoming a regular at 1020. So Weekend Romp lives on in the SpecBlog realm. Rumor has it that some grand web redesign is coming down the tubes. But some grand web redesign is always coming down the tubes at Spec, and hopefully it won't mess with my ability to post. The carpet's been the same for 25 years, but the website changes annually.

On the plus side, now that I am no longer writing my columns at 10 pm on Thursday nights before they appear in Friday morning's paper, I can now take some time to think about them and not come up with something like this, but go with something more like this. The moral of that story? Don't talk about clothes. Talk about lack of them.

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