Monday, May 3, 2010

Bike racing according to Murphy's Law, aka a day on the train to NJ

Yesterday's route: 

Room >>> Bike ride to Penn Station >>> Arrive at Penn Station dripping with humidity >>> Walk around the maze of Penn Station to get to NJ Transit >>> NJ Transit to Metuchen >>> Train station to Carrie's house >>> Car from Carrie's to Colts Neck, NJ (involving multiple U-turns to to poor highway planning and signage) >>>  Ride around to warm up only to be told the race starts in 5 minutes >>> Race hard in circles, mostly on roads, one time in the dirt due to poor turning abilities of the cat 4 field (Bingo square) >>> Narrowly avoid a crash in front of me for the second time of the two times I've ever had an uphill sprint finish in a race >>> Privately celebrate my top 10 before looking for my teammates >>> Realize my teammates are nowhere to be found >>> Ride around in circles, finally find one >>> embark on an epic journey to find out if any race official or organizer knows who crashed and what hospital they were taken to >>> Realize no one knows anything >>> Finally figure out it was indeed my teammate, and the other one must be in the ambulence with her >>> Spend 20 minutes trying to figure out what hospital she could be at >>> Spend 20 minutes driving to the hospital >>> Accidentally walk into the senior care center, the hospital is down the road >>> Walk in the hospital to find another cyclist being treated. Not my teammate. >>> Another half hour to get to the second hospital, where we have finally confirmed we know someone >>>Arrive only to find the entire parking lot blocked off by a fundraising event >>> Park in emergency parking >>> Sit in the hospital for four hours waiting for someone to realize we are sitting in a hallway with a bleeding person >>> Realize sitting in the hospital is fruitless >>> Two people walking three bikes from the hospital to the train station >>> Have many thoughts about how the Shore kind of looks like Carpinteria >>> Finally get a train going to Penn Station >>> Sit in train for almost two hours >>> Train to subway, local only of course >>> Room! Shower! Bed! >>> FIRE ALARM >>> Stairs down >>> Wait >>> Stairs up >>> Bed.

That being said, I think the fire alarm was the worst part of my day. All of my skin is intact. And I couldn't have spent the day with better people. So I'll label it an "exciting day." Not good, not bad, but certainly exciting.

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