Thursday, October 7, 2010

Autumn is here!

Thursday is both my favorite and my least favorite day of the week. Thursday is my favorite morning. Thursday is my least favorite afternoon. I have the most class and scheduled time on Thursdays, and the least amount of time during the day to sit around and think about all of the things that I am not doing. But Thursday morning is the farmer's market on Broadway and 114th St, and furthermore, the one day of the week that Ronnybrook Farms is outside my door ready to sell me the best milk and yogurt that I've ever tasted. 

This is how it goes: 7:30 my alarm goes off. At 8 I actually rouse myself after the usual three snoozes on the alarm. Maybe I'm lazy. But maybe I really just like hearing Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" blaring out of my cell phone (it's my alarm ring). By 8:30 I've eaten and have freshly-brewed coffee in-hand. I search through the NY Times website for something interesting to read.  About 8:45 the caffeine is cycling through my bloodstream and I decide it's time to do the work that I set my alarm so absurdly early for (8am is early in college-speak). My keyboard goes clickity clack for an hour as I try to come up with something that resembles a finished piece of writing. Then, I decide I better head outside so that I can get through the farmer's market and be back before I need to leave for class. So I throw on a sweater and some flip flops--because it's that perfect kind of weather this week where you can do such a thing and feel like you might once again be living in Cailfornia--and head up the street to 114th and Broadway. 

I have to say, the lady that works at Ronnybrook is possibly one of my favorite people in the world. She always has a smile on her face, and sometimes even gives me a discount. Plus, she comes bearing the maple vanilla yogurt that is closer to chocolate chip cookies than that bland Yoplait shit on the scale of one to delicious. Then, I work my way down the line. I grab some apples, some butternut squash, a head of purple cauliflower, and some greenbeans from Samscott. And a mini pumpkin. Because, bitches, it's Halloween. My last stop is Meredith's Bread for a loaf of spelt bread. It's delicious, and it doesn't make me feel gross all day long. What more could you want from a bread?

Finally, I go home and pat myself on the back for being productive in the morning. If you were wondering if I had a point, I don't really. But fall is here and I'm excited! Perhaps I'll make butternut squash soup here pretty soon.